Executive Search

We take care of the executive search and selection of suitable applicants for executive and specialist positions in your company. Only executive search via professional and professionally specialised executive search consultants with well grounded knowledge of the sector in question is conducive to success. The neutral and objective approach of an outside executive recruiter, combined with profound knowledge of internal procedures and structures of the personnel field and the special field in question, allows for the development of an efficient and targeted partnership for optimum staff selection.

As recruitment professionals our consultants undertake the complete pre-selection on your behalf. You can then, after an agreed period of time, choose the best applicants from a narrowed down group of highly qualified individuals.

Our service for you starts as early as the wording of the job profile. After that, we take advantage of our extensive network and identify and contact the formally qualified applicants at targeted companies that are chosen in consultation with you. In detailed personal interviews we assess in a structured manner the applicants’ qualifications and document them in confidential reports. On the basis of these confidential reports and additional applicant related documents about the most suitable candidates from a professional and personal point of view you can then decide whom we will introduce to you.

Our experienced search consultants are supported by a global team of researchers dedicated solely to specific industries and/or functional roles. Tasked with continually cultivating our proprietary network of executives, we have perfected a unique approach to attracting talent, an approach that drives business results. Their experience and knowledge of your talent market, competition, and unique requirements for executives within your industry gives you a significant advantage in recruiting top talent.