IT Consulting

Sukrutha IT consulting provides high-value, strategic IT management consulting services to clients. Sukrutha provides offerings that are based on rigorous and proven methodologies and scientifically driven frameworks.

In the areas of business processes and technologies, Sukrutha offerings analyze the existing environment, identify opportunities for optimization and provide a robust roadmap for significant cost savings and productivity improvement.

The broad areas of coverage include IT strategy, technology rationalization, business process rationalization, change management and IT solution strategy.

Technology Rationalization - Identify opportunities to “clean up,” streamline, consolidate and/or modernize IT Architecture, technologies,

Business Process Rationalization - Analyze IT-intensive processes to identify approaches to create a step-function improvement in productivity.

We provide consulting services to assist in evaluating IT solution options for complex business issues. Our comprehensive tool-driven framework provides with implementable recommendations. Various parameters associated with any IT evaluation scenario such as ROI, payback, etc., are covered as part of IT solution engagements.

Our metrics-based approach provides you with information on the options available to satisfy your overall strategic requirements coupled with cost-benefit analysis so you can make the right decision.

Because our methodology is vendor and technology neutral, we provide inputs that are best suited to your environmental needs and are not influenced by any extraneous considerations